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Your Goal is Our Goal.


"The Achieve program has allowed me to network with multiple healthcare professionals of color across many different specialties. The Achieve program has given me mentorship as well as an entire network of support who have every intention of supporting my future career in medicine."

Dre Juzang, Student, Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago Medical School [Black student- Expected Graduation 2024]


"The ACHIEVE program has provided me with encouragement and support on my journey through the first year of medical school.  I've made great connections with mentors who inspire me."

Very Respectfully,

Pierre Rachal, Student, Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago Medical School [Black student- Expected  Graduation 2026]

“It will  be a great opportunity to meet new people with similar interests.”

William Akhigbe, Student, UIC College of Dentistry [Black student-Expected Graduation May 2023]

“ I personally believe that the ACHIEVE program brings together new professionals and others that have been on field for more time not only to network but also to work together on new ways of creating health accessibility to the communities that really need us."  

Mario Copello, Student, UIC College of Dentistry, Co-Class President, DMDAS Class of 2023, President HSDA 2022-2023 [Latino Student-Expected Graduation May 2023]

"As a male Latino medical student, I am excited about this program."

Daniel Oversen-Sanchez, Student, Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University

President of the Latino Medical Student Council [Latino Student-Expected Graduation 2025]

"Thank you for the opportunity to join the program!"

Nicholas Grimes, Student, UIC College of Dentistry [Black student-Expected Graduation 2026]

'The Achieve program has been instrumental in providing me with numerous opportunities to interact with practicing healthcare professionals from various fields. These connections have been invaluable in opening doors for potential future opportunities upon graduation. I am truly grateful for the support and resources provided by the program. As a beneficiary of the Achieve program, I strongly encourage continued funding to ensure that future students have access to the same invaluable experiences and networking opportunities. I believe that IOMC's continued existence is crucial for the future success of aspiring healthcare professionals."

Oak Okafor

UIC  College of Dentistry [Black student-Expected Graduation 2025]

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